Motivating K-6 Students

General Resources

In the opening video below, you will hear strategies on how to motivate your child.

If the embedded video above does not appear, try this direct link.

The videos below are focus on K-6 learners. These videos will help you communicate with your child and learn their frustrations. Each video comes along with additional resources or handouts for you to utilize.

This first resource/video includes 3 strategies to help you with power struggles, building on strengths with questions to ask yourself when a power struggle hits.

The second resource is a simple, 3-page guide on how to have a conversation with your child.

Our hope is that after you have watched the videos, you will walk away with new knowledge and a better understanding of how to deal with these issues. Remember, you’re doing a great job and we are all here to help one another!

General Resources

Avoid the Power Struggle Handout – 12 ways to avoid power struggles with your child. Helpful hints and suggestions!

Homework Organizer – Looking for a way to keep your child organized with homework assignments and due dates? Take a look at this resource! It can be printed off or saved and used on your computer.

Homework Tips Checklist – This link will take you to a student resources webpage. Click “Homework Tips Checklist” to download a Word Document which includes a helpful guide to support you with creating an environment in your home that lessens stress and supports learning for your child.

Khan Academy Kids – This resource is free to use! You will find information from weekly planners, family activities, social and emotional content, and how to help your child with other classes.

Parent Questionnaire – A brief summary of questions as to why listening to your child is important to understand what he/she is thinking and feeling. Children often do not express their feelings and thoughts in the same manner as adults. It is important to listen for the meaning behind the words.

Student Strengths Inventory for Parents – Struggling to find ways to support your child learning at home? This checklist is a helpful tool to guide you through asking your child questions on how he/she learns best!

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