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Remote learning is being used by many school districts. This resource is a guide for families and caregivers to help you navigate the various learning tools that schools are currently using. This section contains video and printed resources to help you work through remote learning with your student. The videos contain the basic information on how to operate the system being used. Additional resources include videos on motivating students using online learning and information on keeping your student engaged.

Remote Learning Help for Parents & Caregivers / Platform Resources

What is a platform?

Our schools use a variety of platforms. For example, the student may be using Google Meet, Google Classroom, Zoom, or even GoToMeeting to learn remotely. This resource guide was prepared to give you additional information to help you support your student with remote learning.

Guardians’ Guide to Chromebooks – This is a Google document with Chromebook information. Look for the link at the bottom right of the document for additional family support on using Chromebook. (Print Resource-2 pages) Grades K-12

Online Classroom Rules – This link is an updated version of classroom rules for home learning. Student-friendly video. (Video 2:44) Grades K-12

Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide – This “Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide” will help parents or caregivers to monitor their child’s enrollment in virtual learning. This guide aims to help all parents and caregivers, with digital tools. (Print Resource) Grades K-12

A Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning – This is a short video with comedy and animation to help parents/caregivers survive remote classroom learning. (Video 1:55) Grades K-6

Parents Guide to Zoom – This link provides viewers (students, parents/caregivers) with an overview of the video-meeting software that students may use to meet and receive instruction from classroom teachers. (Video 1:14 minutes) Grades 3-12

Parents Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom – This resource provides a very brief overview of the purpose of Google Classroom. The site also includes written directions as to how to set-up and open Google Classrooms. (Video 1:15 minutes) Grades 3-12

Additional Learning: Remote Learning – Setup for Parent & Caregivers

Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center – This page includes three videos about setting up learning at home:

  • Option 1 video – Successful Study Skills (Video 62:00) Grades 6-12
  • Option 2 video – – How to organize time & space for learning (Video 3:27) Grades K-6
  • Option 3 video – Teacher/Caregiver support. How the home environment can build independence and daily living & life skills. This video includes help for multiple learners in the family and children with disabilities. (Video 32:52) Grades K-12

Remote Learning Help Tips For Parents & Caregivers – Resources

6 Tips for Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning – Six basic strategies for parents/caregivers to keep their student motivated for remote
Learning. (Video) Grades K-12

Parent Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning – This handout helps parents and caregivers keep students focused, interested, and balanced while learning from home. (Print Resource) Grades K-12

Additional Learning: Remote Learning / E-Learning – Tips For Parents & Caregivers

5 Tips for Making Distance Learning Feel Successful – Helps parents and caregivers set up a successful learning environment and routine.(Video 2:22) Grades K-12

Distance Learning Parent Tips and Tricks: Preparing Your Workspace – Presented by a teacher and focuses on three important areas of learning-workspace, technology and tools.(Video 2:43) Grades K-12

Parent Tips Managing Distance Learning at Home – Two different caregivers set up a successful schedule and help students learn. (Video 4:12) Grades K-12

RemotEDx – Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions – This site provides answers to commonly asked questions from parents/caregivers as it relates to remote learning. You will also find other resources that will help you support your child.

School refusal: What it means when kids won’t do schoolwork – What is the difference between complaining, avoiding, and refusing to do school work? How do I know when my child is dealing with anxiety? This website can help with those questions. (Print Resource) Grades K-12

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