Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care | ACEs | ACEs from Child’s View | Helping Children Handle Conflicts

This is a quick overview of the definition of trauma:

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What is Trauma Informed Care? – This a downloadable reference sheet that gives the basics of Trauma-Informed Care for parents.

Facebook Group – This is a wonderful group to ask questions and follow for the latest information on Trauma-Informed Care.

Parent Stories – This link will allow the parent to click on different short videos that have parents telling their stories about Trauma-Informed Care.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Adverse Childhood Experiences – This is a handout to caregivers to explain further.

A guide for Caregivers – This TED Talk is a little long but well worth it. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris will enlighten and blow your mind with what she has to say about trauma.

Parenting with Aces – Here is a great toolkit/website all about how to parent with trauma-informed care in mind.

ACEs From The Child’s View

ACES Overview – Adverse Childhood Experiences affect everyone. Here is a video talking about what we can do to prevent them.

Adverse Childhood Experiences – This is an intense, heart-grabbing personal story from a child that shows how adverse childhood experiences affected their life.

Helping Your Child Handle Conflicts

It is so difficult for us as caregivers to see our children hurt emotionally. Helping them recognize their emotions and giving them time to talk about them builds trust and makes our relationships stronger. We can then help them come up with ways to handle the conflicts that adversely affect them. Below are practical guides for us as parents/caregivers.

How to Help Young Children Handle Emotions – This resource is a practical guide in ways we as caregivers can help young children.

How to Help Your Child with Adverse Childhood Experiences – This link gives examples for us to use when helping our children with various ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Ways to Help Your Child with Adverse Childhood Experiences – Here is a five-minute video to help you help your child when faced with adverse childhood experiences.

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